WELCOME to the beginings of our new PRISM website. As this is actualy still going through construction we thought we should add a few lines here for your information. Absolutely any questions regarding PRISM or what we do and what we can offer you - just drop us a note from the contact page below. 

About us


PRISM - an umbrella association set up to offer a practical home for all styles and creed of martial practitioners, as well as a direct contact point for those looking toward corporate and strategic delivery of robust learning mechanisms within conflict environments. 

We are able to offer members all of the regular benefits of martial membership including member to member liability,   licensing, courses and camps. Clubs and Instructors have the additional opportunity of regular instructor days and weekends, development courses, business advice and seminars. Alongside structure, immersion and focus we can offer individuals a bespoke pathway development programme which is aimed at equiping you with both the knowledge to deliver your skills and the skills to develop your Martial Arts Business. 




PRISM can offer you way more than "just" martial arts, Student Insurance, DBS checks, Business support, files, forms and certificates... PRISM is about a whole modern genre of martial orientated membership. We can offer discounted First Aid courses (FAAW/Sport and MA), specialised 1-2-1 and 1-2-3 training, small groups and tailored courses. Physical Intervention (lower level/NHS standard) and Advanced Intervention courses are frequent (or by request) as are more security specific applications (Use of Mechanical / Physical Restraint systems; Pit Control, Fire Marshal, Dog handlers Experience days (Security baiting and search)... and more!


Inspiring moments


Over the years, we have all had I am sure, many inspiring moments that make you sit and think for a while or take stock of your position on things - if you are into the Japanese side of training, then you may be familiar with the expression "Kurai Dori". Figuratively speaking this expression may be regarded as "your stance on things" so to speak. For the heads of the association their stance is simple - make training the most immersive and practical it can be. Lose the ego, welcome the new. Train hard. Be honest. Be fair ..and keep it fun!

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Our Mission Statement:


PRISM is about understanding and supporting it's membership throughout every individuals development - be you an instructor, student, club, corporate or private client.


We will work hard to continually remove the background noise of politics and ego whilst setting the highest standards of ethical martial instruction, corporate delivery - and more.


We will continually challenge ourselves in attaining the highest degrees of effective knowledge - and disseminating that to our membership in a way that can be clearly understood and practiced.


we will always support those that come to us in any way practical and absolutely always to the very best of our ability.




Co-founders Matt Stait and Tony Bell share a life long immersion in martial, intervention and security training; between them they have decades of experience within what is a very real (and often dangerous) physical existence. They are both highly acomplished and respected in the delivery of their respective studies and do so with boundless enthuasiam and humour.

Interested parties attending PRISM seminars and working with the Prism team can be guaranteed a fully immersive, memorable experience!


If you wish to know more about Matt or Tony,clicking on a name will take you to their individual profile pages. (coming soon)